Supported Charities

We have a number of Catholic charities we regularly support by Second Collections ~ CAFOD, the church in Bamenda, Africa, Pax Christi, Catholic Missions at Home and Abroad.  Each of our congregations also chooses from time to a charity of their own to support by small fundraising projects.

RTU photoIn the last two years the PPC has been looking for a cause in which the whole parish might become involved, "a vehicle for our personal action, our spiritual growth and collaboration". After consulting the parish, the PPC has recommended a project called Reaching The Unreached or RTU. Supporting this project will enable us us to do Christ’s work of reaching out to others, and we will be mobilised as a whole parish to act in his name.

More information will be available shortly and if you would like to become involved, please give your name to Father Peter or to any member of the PPC ~ or please use our contact form.

We also support